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Project Overview

Researchers Dr Lu Aye, Dr Tuan D Ngo, Dr Robert H Crawford, and Prof Priyan Mendis, have recently been awarded an ARC Linakage Project with external partner Fender Katsalidis Architects.


The aim of the project is to assess the life cycle environmental benefits of prefabricated building modules. It will combine assessment methods for strength, durability, embodied energy and emissions, as well as thermal performance modelling techniques, to quantify impacts of prefabricated modular buildings.

This is a significant piece of work, and one that has never before been attempted. The outcomes include a model of the life cycle environmental impacts attributable to prefabricated construction; a range of strategies for optimising the life cycle performance of prefabricated buildings; and an understanding of the structural durability and the whole-of-life environmental impact of these buildings.

The ARC Linkage Project will provide funding for this project over the next three years.

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Australian Research Council


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